Hin Daeng & Muang Dive Sites

Bottom of the sea near Hin Daeng

Intermediate | 10-35m | Strong currents

Hin Daeng is one of the best scuba diving sites in Thailand, taking divers all the way down to 35 meters beneath the surface. This dive site has a soft coral covered wall which starts from the surface. The rich underwater life and amazing scenery guarantee a breathtaking dive. Big schools of fish, leopard sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks and manta rays are often spotted at this dive site.

Whale shark surrounded by smaller fish

Intermediate | 15-28m | Mild - Moderate currents

Hin Muang dive site for experienced scuba divers is located next to Hin Daeng and it starts from 10 meters and continues all the way to 40 meters in depth. The large boulder is covered by soft coral and sea anemone. Strong currents make the dive challenging, but usually keeping in the cover of the rocks helps. At this dive site it is possible to spot all kinds of bigger fish from tuna all the way up to whale sharks. 

Amazed moray at Hin Muang Thailand
Clownfish at Hin Daeng
Baby crab at Hin Muang

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