5 hot facts about travelling to Thailand

1. Is it safe in Thailand at the moment?

Yes. No less safe than usual and certainly there has been no civil unrest that would make you ponder your personal safety beyond the usual precautions you would take anywhere in the world. The current student protests are fairly limited and are publicised ahead of time so you can avoid those situations.

2. The airlines are selling tickets to fly to Thailand now. Should I buy one?

Don’t buy a ticket for a flight to Thailand until you have ALL the paperwork required, have discussed your trip with your local embassy and you have been approved for travel. There are currently no plans to open Thailand’s borders for international tourism.

3. When will Thailand open its borders for international tourism?

Whilst there is a pilot program, “Safe & Sealed”, in Phuket from October 1, it is quite restrictive – 14 day quarantine in a 1 kilometre radius, multiple tests, limits to travelling after the quarantine period. Beyond that, the “travel bubbles” are back on the table with a new round of discussions with Hong Kong and Japan. But nothing has been finalised or announced at this stage.

Both the Civil Aviation Authority and a Deputy Governor from the TAT have stated that it is unlikely that the borders will be reopened for tourism until 2021. But plenty could change – watch this space!

4. Would a Thailand Elite Visa solve my problems?

Yes and no. The Elite Visa program is an excellent and convenient means of staying in Thailand with few problems. But it’s an expensive up-front costs and, for now, there is a 3-4 month waiting period to process new applications. At this time, there is also a limit on the number of people, on various visas, they are allowing to re-enter Thailand each day. But if you have the cash, it’s definitely an option as people on the Thailand Elite Visa are currently allowed to re-enter the Kingdom.

5. Our flight has a stop in Thailand. Can we get off the plane and spend a day in Bangkok?

No. At this time all transits require passengers to remain on the plane. There may be some situations where they deplane passengers but you will be restricted to a section of the airport.


Source: The Thaiger

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